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You know, tetris?

Computers can be used for many things. Reading books, watching sports games, communicating with others. In your life, you may even come to play some games on your computer. Some of those games may have been good. Some may have been fun. This is not one of those.

This is the game as usual with one thing changed: the camera is locked to the current piece in flight. It moves along with the piece, and rotates too. Suggestion: appreciate the concept but do yourself a favor and don’t play it

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This was after I tried

  • Cleaning cartridge reader with rubbing alcohol
  • Cleaning cartridge with rubbing alcohol
  • Re-seating the 72 pin connector
  • Replacing the 72 pin connector

I’m sad to say this console has never worked, this is just the last straw. I got it as-is at a garage sale >10 years ago. There are multiple problems. First was with what appears to be the PPU; the evidence is that a sprite layer is invisible. See how the placed pieces show up, but the piece-in-flight does not. And then there were problems with the 72-pin connector. Before re-seating, it was black screen. After re-seating, it showed the corrupted image.

It’s tragic, the feature that makes me want the NES instead of an emulator (the pushing in-and-down) is also one of the features that kills it.

I kept this console for parts, got a new one and it’s working well.

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