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I installed Windows 98 to the “space heater computer”

Is it possible to install 98 to an Intel Core-i5 with 4GB of DDR3 RAM?

Turns out, yes. If you spoof it to only enumerate 1GB, plus a bunch of other sketchy edits to system.ini and config.sys.


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Got all size+speed optimization challenges in Human Resource Machine!
Some of them are HARD.
I have new appreciation for being able to std::swap (in one expression), or use, like, any literals
And the ending. The reward is a creepy cutscene…

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A task in Human Resource Machine.

The idea is to write a program that computes Fibbonacci numbers; the program is comprised of simple assembly-like instructions. The game gives you special bonuses for optimizing for speed or size.

This approach uses loop unrolling. The resulting program is really unwieldy and cumbersome to follow, but outperforms the speed goal by a lot.

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Finally, I get to share this out! This is PIX, something I’ve helped build. Debug+profile ALL the DirectX12 games.

Introducing PIX on Windows (beta)

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Finished Braid for the first time.

The levels are really clever. Got all the puzzle pieces, got the ending/epilogue, and was left really confused.

What the heck is going on! I understand 0% of the lore of this game.

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Can testify that the Win7–>Win10 upgrade experience is just really good. Just did my laptop, expected at least something to fall out. You know how laptops are. But everything was migrated over perfectly- apps, app state, profile. Under an hour!

Or, maybe it’s just that thing where, if you meticulously back up all your data and app state, your upgrade will go seamlessly. Go figure.

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Announcing Win2D version 1.0.0

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Win2D just announced, an MS open-source project on which I am a contributor! Immediate-mode, hardware 2D rendering in Windows Store apps in C++ and C#.

More info:

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