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Art project: Advertisement

To attract possibly some new players to Deathwish, a text RPG I play sometimes, and to increase visibility I thought to purchase an ad. The MUD community has two big portals for indexing MUDs: MUD Connector, and TopMudSites. TopMudSites already advertises 4-5 MUDs on rotation in the form of 728×90 banner ads which are not too intrusive. We could put an ad for DW into that set.

I wanted the ad to be pixel art since that’s the only thing I know how to do, and look a bit like DW’s home page- skulls and fire! And be animated.

After drafting up most of it I went through iterations with the MUD administrator until getting the final version which was sent to TMS.

I was worried it would not be accepted, if they thought the skull was too much or having a mild curse be in the hostname would be an issue

But, I’m happy to say they accepted the ad and it’s up there now! The site administrators were kind enough in letting me sign up for extra time so it will be up for a while- about 2 years.

Final result:

As of right now you can see the ad at TopMudSites, if you just refresh the page a few times and ensure your ad blocker isn’t running.

October 13th, 2018 at 12:18 am