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One track of the music from Primal Rage sounds a LOT like Secret of Evermore SoE “Boss theme 2”: Primal Rage “Stalagtite Cave” They have different composers so maybe a coincidence.

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Uncommon real-life problems are solved by Tintin++ scripts

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Art project: Advertisement To attract possibly some new players to Deathwish, a text RPG I play sometimes, and to increase visibility I had an idea to purchase an ad. The MUD community has two big portals for indexing MUDs: MUD Connector, and TopMudSites. TopMudSites already advertises 4-5 MUDs on rotation in the form of 728×90 […]

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Whenever there are no mirrors around, I’m a pair of disembodied hands, to save on rendering costs. Everyone is always very polite in not pointing it out.

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