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“Things you need a PhD in math to do” (according to a programmer?)

– Does the graph of the equation “abs(x) + abs(y) = 2” look like a circle or a square?

– Use combinatorics to answer this: you have a collection of six things and need to choose two of them. How many different ways are there to do that?

– Figure out how old your child is when you give a quantity in months and your child is older than 1 year old?

– What month is six months before November?

– Know that adding up some numbers, then dividing that sum by how many numbers there were, gives you an average

– If you know two side lengths of a triangle and the angle between them, find the length of the third side.

– (uncommon but still a thing) Your child is older than two and you tell me how old they are in a quantity of months

Sometimes I rely on our resident mathematics expert and his expertise in this area, in cases where the rest of us can’t put our heads together and solve it. In other cases, I’ve managed to hammer these answers out myself. But don’t worry, my Fields medal acceptance speech is already underway, at least I’ve gotten the main points written out and the main parties I should thank.

May 18th, 2017 at 6:40 pm