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>”Let’s start playing pokemon sun!” > Hi let’s get you acquainted with the game. To start, choose your trainer profile image. > How clever! (Although a little presumptuous) It automatically detected a female profile from my Nintendo account or something, so it shows me these photo options > I pick the one in the top […]

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I came up with this puzzle but found few people who could solve it. Today being a federal holiday, Anne and Mary are neighbors that both have the day off. Being close-by neighbors with long-ago-established phone numbers, they have the same area code. It was Anne’s birthday the month before last. They run into each […]

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Defeated the campaign, watched end credits for Star Fox: Zero. Now I will admit this game has some redeeming qualities. But not a lot. The control scheme never agreed with me, there is just a lack of precision using the Wii U controller tilt and it’s not optional. They keep forgetting Star Fox is a […]

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Seen when playing Demon’s Crest

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Tech director: Now, we have it! Thirty-two lush, graphically intensive tracks, anti-gravity racing, four-player splitscreen with many more AI racers in the level too. We’ve optimized load times. Reduced draw distance and aliasing. It took years, but we stretched this platform to the limit to overcome significant technical challenges. Where else do we go from here? […]

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