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Obtained Star Fox Zero and Mario Kart 8 for Wii U and gave them a try. I am not loving the Wii U tablet-remote for Star Fox, but I get they really really want you to use it. The controls will take some getting used to. There are a lot of nice graphical improvements since […]

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Apparently, Wii U supports composite output. Huh.  

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This graphical rogue-like was incredibly addictive and challenging. Here I finished the main questline. What do I do now? End game unlock- Nope.

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Every texture in Dark Souls replaced with Nicolas Cage

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Saw the new Star Trek movie, it was pretty solid. Even without having seen the previous installment out of the new movies, it was follow-able and pretty enjoyable. My only problem is I have trouble getting into the humor of Star Trek. That franchise, and all of Sci-fi are in love with this cliche where […]

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