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Finished Final Fantasy Legend (GB)

This is a spin-off to the Final Fantasy series and related to the Sa-Ga series made by Square Enix.

The whole thing with Legend is it’s “a lot more epic than it seems like it should be”. See the games I remember Game Boy original were fairly light in subject matter, emotional power and how the story is delivered. But, this game:
• Levels with a scary unkillable monster
• Real actual character death
• An ending sequence where you fight the creator of the universe
Confirmed the creator of the universe is wearing a top hat
It turns out the composer for this game is also Nobuo Uematsu the same as mainline Final Fantasy series except for XIII. If you listen carefully you can hear similarities to the rest of the series’ music.

For the gameplay, you have the flexibility of choosing all characters in your party and their type (Human, Mutant, Monster). The game suffers from some balancing issues which make certain bossfights far, far disproportionally harder than others.

There is apparently an homage to Legend in Final Fantasy XIII where (spoiler) Orphan can be killed instantly by Vanille’s Death spell. It is not 100% guarantee but there is a chance particularly if staggered. In the Final Fantasy XIII Scenario Ultimania book it says outright this was an intentional reference to Legend.

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After a couple repairs and lots of futzing with cables… life!
This is the SHARP x68000, a vintage computer from Japan.

If the name sounds familiar- it runs on a Motorola 68000 processor. This vintage computer was never sold outside of Japan due to very strict export regulations in the 1980s which included this system. Inside Japan, there were many notable video game franchises that debuted and/or gained prominence on this platform

It has an OS very much like DOS.

Sadly my Lagoon system disk needs to be replaced, but this is it booting up “Xak: The Art of Visual Stage”.

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