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This game was made for a graphics course that had an open-ended choice of a final project. We were allowed to produce any sort of demo that used either OpenGL or raytracing techniques. I chose to do a use OpenGL (realtime) for the opportunity to make an interactive demo.


  • Textured meshes exported from 3DS Max in OBJ format, then saved as a serialized format by the game
  • Environment/cube map to serve as a background
  • Instanced geometry for faster drawing
  • Samples from the environment to create a reflective metal effect
  • Uses Cairo to render font glyphs to a texture, and composes them to make text
  • Uses a deformable mesh to create an animated explosion

In the game, the player shoots down enemy ships and scores points. The missles are shot from the player’s ship outward depending on where the ship is pointing.

The ship is controlled with the I,J,K, and L keys. Dragging the right mouse button can be used to rotate the camera, and the scroll wheel zooms in and out.

Pressing ‘S’ will enable/disable some sliders which control certain program parameters, used mostly for debugging/testing.

Pressing ‘Z’ fires a missile. If an enemy ship is hit by a missile, it disappears and the player’s score is increased.

The source code is compiled using Visual Studio 2008.
Download binary (Windows .exe)

Download Source

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