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One track of the music from Primal Rage sounds a LOT like Secret of Evermore
SoE “Boss theme 2”:
Primal Rage “Stalagtite Cave”

They have different composers so maybe a coincidence.

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Premonition of dubstep
This came out in 1996…


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From the musical Kismet.
The melody is from the opera “Prince Igor”.



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I saw this at the AMV competition and was really impressed by the image-interpolation technique used to create this. The source material has a much lower framerate.


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I have to admire what they could and couldn’t do with video game chiptunes.
E.g., to go from this:

to this:

Like I wonder if it breaks some poor composer’s heart to have their amazing masterpiece work, confined to a representation in a 30-second loop with 64kb of memory and 8 midi channels. In context, good soundtracks tend to stay good soundtracks, even if chiptunes lose so many details and subtle aspects of the arrangement. I suspect that part of the job of BGM composers back then was to create songs that could still sound good on that form factor.

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Replaying Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (replaying nostalgia games lately) and it never occurred to me until now how BAD the soundtrack is.

I mean, the game has other qualities. Just not that. Why are literally all the dungeons and bosses one of two pieces? Why are all the loops like 5 seconds long? Why does this exist:

I would link to the Fortune Teller music but I don’t want to put anyone else through that today.

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