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A devastating war among mortals.
A legendary clash between gods.

In the interests of protecting humans against the corruption of a renegade god, there is a hero born to live among an ancient civilization in a forbidden realm. Only the one with the “Godkiller” can put a stop to evil machinations of villain who is developing deadly chemical weapons for the German military, setting the stage of a conflict which threatens to tear the world apart. The battleground reveals a terrifying secret, an unforetold threat at the same time as a potential turning point in the war where the destiny of all humans will hang in the balance. And-

Chris Pine: *bursts through the door* HAAAY GUUYSSS

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I don’t understand Marvel’s love affair with Logan/Wolverine.

Sure I think he’s a cool superhero, as much as the next person.

Why are basically all the movies centered around him? Do we need another one?

IIRC there was already a movie called The Wolverine, and X-men:Origins:Wolverine, plus most of the other movies about the X-men are actually centered around Wolverine.The character is cool I guess, just not 20 movies cool.

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Saw the new Star Trek movie, it was pretty solid. Even without having seen the previous installment out of the new movies, it was follow-able and pretty enjoyable. My only problem is I have trouble getting into the humor of Star Trek. That franchise, and all of Sci-fi are in love with this cliche where practically *every* humorous moment is one person freaking out because of some impending disaster, and the other person is being calm. That’s literally it. It’s funny because, ‘why isn’t that other person freaking out more?’. Ha ha ha.

I did like the special effects, especially when the scenes took place in space.

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