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Finished story mode of Crypt of the NecroDancer (PC) This game is “rhythm” genre mixed with “roguelike” genre. When I first played it I thought they took a dart board full of video game types, threw two darts and made that game. The “disco floor” mechanic was trippy and strange, and it looked like a […]

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Old and busted: “Looks like you’re using an ad blocker. Click here to disable it, wont you?” New hotness: “Looks like you’re using Incognito browsing. Click here to cut it out, you know?” Source: Boston Globe

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Finished Brain Lord (SNES) This is a SNES RPG, a top-down action RPG with some puzzle elements. Like every great? RPG there are two towns. As this is a medieval-themed game, they would end up settling on town names that were something fantasy- and mystical-sounding. So of course, the first one is called “Arcs” and […]

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