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Something has changed with respect to phone technology, where my incoming text messages are getting truncated. For example From: <person> Time: Thu Oct 19, 10:21am Hey! Hope you have a safe jou — From: <other person> Time: Sat Oct 14, 1:00pm Also I just woke up and proba — The culprit appears to be “smart” […]

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Finished Yoshi’s Island (SNES) In this, ‘finished’ means 100 points on every stage of all worlds including the extra stages. The extra stages include some Kaizo level nonsense. I’m thinking particularly of Hit That Switch. I did Hit that switch while streaming though. Darn, I should have recorded it… This game is different from the […]

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Finished Fatty Bear’s Birthday Surprise (PC, DOS) The Fatty Bear franchise is affiliated with the Putt-Putt franchise. Although Putt-Putt spanned many games, Fatty Bear was well liked and this game was re-released on Steam too. A little girl named Kayla has a teddy bear named Fatty Bear and he and Kayla’s other toys come to […]

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Finished Echo (PC, Windows) This is a Danish indie game I first played at a demo booth at PAX last year. It made me really happy to find out that the full version was released. This is a stealth-action game where you are pitted against copies of yourself, and there is a day-night cycle. During […]

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