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It’s in the original RadioShack box and everything, plus instruction books and inserts. I can’t believe it, they’re practically like new…

This is a 6809-based machine which was first released in 1983. It runs BASIC and the form factor comes built in with the keyboard. It can save and load programs from cartridges (called “Program Pak”s). The name TRS stands for Tandy/RadioShack- the manufacturer Tandy produced this hardware, and Radio Shack distributed it. Remember when Radio Shack was two words?

As it happened I did not have one of these growing up, but as a child we had an Apple IIc which was from around that era. I have fond memories of learning how to program in BASIC on that machine, writing small programs and simple text games, and the task of having to figure out how to debug them. The TRS-80 really reminds me of that whole experience. Now, in more colors than my former binary color dipslay. I went and cleared the screen to green, blue, and magenta just to make sure.

Testing it out on gigantic CRT just because I had a spare jack there

July 12th, 2017 at 1:31 am