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I installed Windows 98 to the “space heater computer” Is it possible to install 98 to an Intel Core-i5 with 4GB of DDR3 RAM? Turns out, yes. If you spoof it to only enumerate 1GB, plus a bunch of other sketchy edits to system.ini and config.sys. Β 

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Finished Super Mario RPG (SNES) Do you remember back when Nintendo’s first party titles tried to push the limits of the current technology? Since I had done the “finish all my Super Nintendo games I currently own” I bought this new one. This game was not technically new to me since I played it all […]

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This photo- can you guess when it was taken? The answer is today,Β June 25th, 2017. This photo was an attempt to re-create, or give the impression of a 90s time period and is the workstation where I play some games. It includes the Sharp X68000 computer which retailed exclusively in Japan in the late 80s- […]

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I picked it up to see if it was alive or if it was just a shell. But when I picked it up, not only was it alive, it laid an egg in my hand Β Β Β  I put the snail with the egg on a leaf in some thickets out of the open.

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Planted this early last year as an experiment. Although tea roses are beautiful they are fussy and I’ve had bad luck with them. This specific variety is a climber- not as strong as ivy, but it should latch on to nearby things. It grew a decent amount, and started creeping upward, but would not bloom […]

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Narrator: A devastating war among mortals. A legendary clash between gods. In the interests of protecting humans against the corruption of a renegade god, there is a hero born to live among an ancient civilization in a forbidden realm. Only the one with the “Godkiller” can put a stop to evil machinations of villain who […]

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