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A technical problem-

Need to play 3-player SNES game on emulator with two other people across the internet. (This is on a game which supports multi-tap).

Option #1: ZSNES netplay. Seemed appealing at first because I used it before with two-player games, with some success.
Why it doesn’t work: No connectivity between three machines. Limit is two.

Option #2: Snes9x netplay. Seemed okay at first because it supports 3+ machines (or supposedly, however many you want as spectators). And, in some ways isn’t as brittle as ZSNES’s netplay.
Why it doesn’t work: Horribly unsable, and if anything goes remotely out of sync, rather than recover it will reset the game for everyone. There are supposed to be syncing options other than resetting but those don’t work, only resetting does. The problem is serious enough for it to be unplayable.

Option #3: Wii Virtual console. Seemed appealing as this game is really on VC.
Why it doesn’t work: It won’t let you play with other people over the Internet, with others in your Wii friends list as you might expect, only local (replicating the original). What a lazy port… It would have been such an easy grab of $10 x 3 dollars in this case.

Option #4: Use some random reliable screen sharing program to share the screen. (e.g., Skype)
Why it’s not great: Only one player can play at a time.

It’s utterly pathetic that #4 is the best option.

Does anyone have any other suggestions? If I absolutely have to use #4, maybe I can use some kind of stripped-down remote assistance to share out some keyboard input.

What to do?

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April 8th, 2017 at 2:20 am