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I made this as part of a costume project. You guessed it, the Lagoon starting equipment. I hope the con folks will be able to peacebond these

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I have to admire what they could and couldn’t do with video game chiptunes. E.g., to go from this: to this: Like I wonder if it breaks some poor composer’s heart to have their amazing masterpiece work, confined to a representation in a 30-second loop with 64kb of memory and 8 midi channels. In context, […]

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Got all size+speed optimization challenges in Human Resource Machine! Some of them are HARD. I have new appreciation for being able to std::swap (in one expression), or use, like, any literals And the ending. The reward is a creepy cutscene…

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The robo-dialers have gotten really sophisticated. Ring ring. Answer phone Them: Hi! Me: Hello? (Silence) Them: Oh-! (slightly flustered, like a real person who dials a wrong number, or a person calling on behalf of a business they’re working for but they’re having sort of an off-day) I was just having a problem with my […]

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