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A task in Human Resource Machine. The idea is to write a program that computes Fibbonacci numbers; the program is comprised of simple assembly-like instructions. The game gives you special bonuses for optimizing for speed or size. This approach uses loop unrolling. The resulting program is really unwieldy and cumbersome to follow, but outperforms the […]

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Got the Megalopolis in SimCity (SNES). This is the original SimCity, slightly Nintendo-ified with references to Bowser and Mario and Dr. Wright of course. Unlike SimCity 2000, it doesn’t have an isometric style, although there is a sort-of-3D effect in terms of ‘tall’ zones overlapping short ones. The Megalopolis is the highest population ranking in […]

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Finished Pagemaster (SNES) Do you remember this 1994 Macaulay Culkin movie? I had seen it a long time ago, this is the video game tie-in. It has the guy from Home Alone and when he reads some book he enters this alternate universe and there’s cartoons / he becomes a cartoon. This another classic ’16-bit […]

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Finished ActRaiser (SNES). ActRaiser plays like two games in one. One half is a top-down ‘god game’ city-building simulator, the other half is your standard side-scrolling platformer with very oldschool difficulty. Although the two modes have such different visuals and gameplay, they are integrated. Your success in the citybuilding increases your health/spells in the platformer, […]

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I… don’t think that’s how that works  

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