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Finished Secret of Evermore for the SNES. This was an action-RPG I had really wanted to play when I was little, but wasn’t able to obtain a copy. Nowadays the world is at your fingertips so I can finally play it. It plays very similarly to Secret of Mana. The graphics and visual style really […]

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I don’t understand Marvel’s love affair with Logan/Wolverine. Sure I think he’s a cool superhero, as much as the next person. Why are basically all the movies centered around him? Do we need another one? IIRC there was already a movie called The Wolverine, and X-men:Origins:Wolverine, plus most of the other movies about the X-men […]

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In some ways I’m fearful of the future because I’m alive now. Not in the past, but now. Nowadays there are more human beings than there have ever been in all of history, over 7 billion… So it’s statistically more likely I would exist now, rather than in the past. That’s fine. But why was […]

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Finally, I get to share this out! This is PIX, something I’ve helped build. Debug+profile ALL the DirectX12 games. Introducing PIX on Windows (beta)

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