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This is a game submitted for a contest held by UW GameDev Club, where the game has to be done entirely in 24 hours (honour system). Any choice of language or API was allowed, and all entries have to follow the theme: the theme this time was “color, or a lack thereof”. I decided to make a small 2D arcade game. My entry was in C++ using GDI+ for graphics.

My entry (2nd place winner) was called Color Dungeon, and overhead-view arcade game where the main character walks around the map, avoiding orbs of the opposite color, getting to the stairs in the lower right corner.

There are 4 floors, each successive one is a little bit harder. The enemies are more numerous, move more quickly and a higher proportion of them will ‘home’ toward the character.

The maze as generated by recursively partitioning the map area into rectangular ‘rooms’. At each step the room will either be partitioned vertically, horizontally, or have another ‘room’ placed within it. ‘Exits’ (clearings in the wall) are added for reachability. Reachability is ensured for all areas in the map.

Arrow keys are used to move the character around the map. Touching orbs of the opposite colour will damage the character. The goal for each floor is to make it to the stairs, which are placed near the lower right corner.

Swords are an area-of-effect item that can be found scattered around the map; they are more frequent when there are more enemies. To use one, press ‘b’.

Download Game Binary (Win32)

The source code is compiled using Visual Studio 2008. There is one project file for the game.

Download Source

September 13th, 2012 at 5:00 pm